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+14389688251 / MB / Negative
Posted an advert for pedigree kittens and instantly had a response from “Alison”. She said she was having issues messaging through Gumtree so could she have my email address. It immediately sounded suspicious so I gave a generic non-named one so she wouldn’t have my full name.
Within seconds I get an email to it. Googled her email address (can never be too safe nowadays) and this page pops up telling me everything I need to know about “ALISON MILLER”.
Thank you for saving me the hassle of dealing with this time wasting scammer.
+19054813524 / sam / Negative
This is a charity or telemarketer and they call my phone MULTIPLE times daily. Asking to be taken off the list doesn't work
+16137040153 / omer
no answer
+16134823937 / Bob
These f*****s have been robo-calling my office number for 5 years now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+14389688251 / Jazmine / Positive
I have had exactly the same email saying she wants to buy my rabbit. Same thing about being deaf and just had heart surgery.
+17784522480 / Pat / Negative
Cvb collections getting calls at 830pm
+17784522480 / bob / Negative
cbv collection
+16472586431 / naveen sharma
i want to know about this number because from this number i gets calls 7 to 8 times is this a frod call or a right call from canada .
thanx regards
naveen sharma
+16134168483 / Werner / Negative
rings and once piked up silence
+12502441601 / Jhett
Idiot called and said I cut him off and flipped him the bird. Said he was coming to my house in 20 minutes. Told him that would be a huge mistake!! Called RCMP and gave the number. Bares repeating......idiot!!!