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+15815092081 / John / Negative
Weird photo's send via WhatsApp and then they called. I did not answer and blocked them
+15195909657 / Ken .Mole
Didn't answer
+16042965093 / write paper online edumony / Negative
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write paper online edumony
+15878706186 / Unknown
Have no idea who it is I've blocked it an shows in one say alone was 13 times ..
+19052200211 / Mai
+16473603041 / Julia / Negative
This is a scam CRA number.
+18675911659 / Pete
Scam. Aggressive. Familiar voice. Asian accent. Rude and vulgar when asked for his identity. Report this person. Do not agree to anything. Dangerous.
+1 6474771641
+19026469120 / SuperS
Recorded message saying thank you for renewing your Amazon Prime, I do not have that so put the phone down.
+17828286354 / John
claiming to be Amazon