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+17059578478 / Sp girl / Negative
Mega time waster. Trolling for 8-10hr bookings, won’t screen, playing games. Not serious waste of time.
+15147001674 / HarambeIsGone3421 / Negative
This caller is claiming to be from the immigration office from Canada and they are calling us from the Philippines but we don't want to risk it because it might be a scam.
+15147008252 / mmm / Negative
je to jaky si robot pravdepobne jde o podvod.
+16042823452 / Terry / Negative
I have had calls from this caller dating back to 23 Nov 2018 up to1 Feb 2019. A total of 24 calls. I have blocked the number.
+16137040428 / EB / Negative
Text received with link to 'confirm debit transaction'

No transactions made with Chase. No debit card with Chase either.
+16137040428 / Tech D / Negative
Same as above, it's a scam trying to access your bank via a "debit transaction"
+16137040428 / tommy mack / Negative
a text from this number was confirmed to be a fraudulent attempt to gain access to my bank account - the text stated that a questionable debit charge was made - it had what appeared to be a legitimate sign in link to my online bank account. I did not sign in but rather called my bank which advised that this number is not legitimate nor the protocol appropriate. Beware !
+14185892519 / Brigitte / Negative
Frauduleuses dangereuses. Dénoncez aux autorités !
+17059995018 / Urban Air Adventure Park / Positive
Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park
1066 Barry Downe Road,
Sudbury, ON, Canada P3A 3V3
(705) 999-5018
Email Us: [email protected]
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je recois souvent ce no et quand on rappelle tj occupe si sa serait le journal i laisserai un message il me semble