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+17802290486 / Kyle / Negative
Has called me several times in the last two days! Don't leave voicemails, and just dead space when you answer!
+16136273821 / Sam H / Negative
Its a scam number,the CRA sends letters not phone calls
+16136273821 / inconnu / Negative
Scam from CRA, I called back CRA's official number and they said this is a scam.
+16136273821 / unknown
scam regarding CRA
+14389688251 / Emma
She's at it again messaging me about a wedding dress I have for sale
+14389688251 / Emma / Negative
Angela Miller just messaged me about. My wedding dress I've just looked up the email address she give me which is  [email protected] and saw everyone comment
+14164770561 / Pat / Negative
political survey
+14389688251 / Pauline McLeod / Negative
Same scam as Alison & Sam (Gumtree UK), Sofa, person stating to be a woman called Angela Miller [[email protected]] who is deaf and has had heart surgery so cannot communicate, asked straight away to pay via paypal and an 'agent' will pick up the item etc.
Scam involves an email pretending to be from paypal - but actually from [email protected] [[email protected]]. this states money is available for the sofa - but seller need to send a cash payment via Western Union
+12502441535 / Anonomous / Negative
Number called me; instantly played very loud music .
+15145004514 / Omar
I am getting calls from this Number and they say it is an inmigration center from Canada. Not that is true