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I am looking for the answer . Cos i received a call too. I'm from PH
+17788065084 / Denise Johnson
+15144185682 / Angela Lolong
Someone called me using this number. All of a sudden my phone went low battery and the call was cut. I just want to ask, why did they call and who is he?
+15144185688 / Julia
Its simething about canadian visa, but I dont know if it is a scam or not.
+15145006939 / Suzie / Negative
Sarah says she sells dogs at a low price. She has put great pictures on Les Pacs. After texting to her that I would like to see the dogs, she texted back that she was going to call me the next day to see them and she never called. Never heard from her again...
+17782856152 / Ipost-Icare
This phone number called and not leaving a message, call back and no answer. It can be some sort of computerized call that up for something.
+15144185684 / paula
esse número me ligou mais a ligação caiu e não consigo retornar nem adicionar no whats
+16134006448 / G / Negative
Scam call
+15815092081 / John / Negative
Weird photo's send via WhatsApp and then they called. I did not answer and blocked them
+15195909657 / Ken .Mole
Didn't answer