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+16048274173 / SFU / Negative
These elementary-school drop-outs have been calling me since 2011 or somewhere around there. Never left a message but kept calling almost every weeknight. I simply ignored their calls. I'm pretty confident that they could only find this one job and let's hope they enjoy wasting their time making calls for the rest of their lives. That's one great price to pay for quitting school so early.
+16478013264 / Serena / Negative
This number text me saying I was charged $4.99 for using directory assistance and left a different number to call. Last time I used directory was in the 90s hahaha
+17788065142 / Nic / Negative
Said they are Canada Immigration Office
+12042724578 / Vishnu
I have this number as a pot of contact in reference to the job application
+16048274173 / ubc alumni / Negative
Been receiving calls from this number for years. At first to thank me for donation but later to keep asking for more. I now recognize this number and I no longer pick up. They never leave messages.
+17788065142 / Rod / Negative
Called to give me permanent residence in canada if i pay $450 from my credit card
+19054813524 / Atlantic / Negative
This number call looking for Edward because the want $75.00 dollar for donation.
+14163629842 / Phone avenger / Negative
Air duct cleaner I pretend he called a 900 number for gay men.
+15145006924 / abby / Negative
they called me for canadian visa processing and she ask me to pay for the processing fee of 600usd then she ask again uf im using visa or mastercard and my details, after hearing that from the caller i straight away off my phone and blocked that number! 100% scammer!
Boston Pizza, Stratford, Kanada