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+12504054966 / Mel / Negative
This number keeps calling me and has left several weird cut off automated voicemails. I do have money owing to msp but am dealing with it through them directly and through the mail. One message said I would go directly to JAIL. This is a scam, do NOT accept this call or better yet, report it
0018192526068 niet opgenomen omaat ik dit niet vertrouw. 2 x gebeld
+19057690823 / Paul / Negative
May 16 2018, robocall claiming CRA lawsuit. Definite scammer number at present
+17802290486 / --- / Positive
Canada drives. Loan company. If they are calling, you or someone you know probably gave them your number, so we can't be too mad about it lol :)
+19057690823 / LJ / Negative
Stupid scammers I work for the CRA. Noob!
+19057690823 / Joya / Negative
CRA calling to issue a warrant for my arrest. Must be truly stupid scammers.
+16049021875 / quan qwong quiote
stupid qaq - ung - qouon and no kapito job tvoju valagamba

G to H
+19057690823 / Got Annoyed / Negative
Scammer claiming to be CRA. Way too obvious with computer generated voice message.
+19057690823 / Maria / Negative
This is a scam number
+16044492900 / ^ / Negative
One lady have called me and through strange number calling asked so many personal questions eventhough my credit card numbers details . I recommend do not to be in touch with this number any consulty organisations such as immigr. Centres would not take in this unprofessional and strange way questions to help you with your visa application .