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+17788065098 / Louise / Negative
Yes I too was scammed today.
+17788065098 / ETG / Negative
+1 778 806 5098 posing as an impostor. Absolute scam! Pretending to be immigration services. Asks for 4 digits of your bank card. Guarantees permanent residency abroad and work... Makes it all sound so simple...
+16134168538 / Emmanuel Kwaku Antwi
This number called me but I could not pick the call so I that person to call me back.
+16472586431 / Yulduz / Positive
Hi please call me back
+17803283868 / V. brobbey / Negative
Left a message saying “ Treasury intending your serious attention ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense this is the final attempt to reach you to resolve this issue immediately and to speak to a federal agent call back number is 780-328-3868“ I didn’t bother to call back because if I was in trouble the police would have shown up at my door. Scam call for real.
+17803283868 / Bill / Negative
+17803283868 / A / Negative
I did call it back and called the guy out he hung up on me hahaha is bulls#!t
+17803283868 / CRA / Negative
Oh no! I'm going to be pulled in front of a "Grand Jury"!
But wait...we don't have Grand Juries in Canada. That's a US thing.
This isn't even a good scam...
+17803283868 / Loo / Positive
+17803283868 / calvin / Negative
I also just recieved this